Coming Century Mini LP Release 2009.07.29

Hello-Goodbye [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Jacket A] YesAsiaCD Japan
・Hello Goodbye (composed by Spontania)
・Untitled ※First ever Kamisen song all in English
・Te no hira no UNIVERSE
・Untitled 2 (Composed by Jazztronik)
・Omoi no kakera
・Precious song

・Hello Goodbye music video

Hello-Goodbye [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Edition / Jacket A] YesAsiaCD Japan
Disc 1:same as Limited Edition A
Disc 2:Special CD
・Morita Go solo
・Miyake Ken solo
・Okada Junichi solo

Hello-Goodbye [Regular Edition / Jacket C] YesAsiaCD Japan
Same songs asLimited Editions, comes with set of 3 pin badges
・Fight  (tentative title) – Bonus Track

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~ by cerberusjump27 on June 20, 2009.

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