An Cafe – HIATUS?!

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J-Rock band ” An Cafe” will go on hiatus after their concert at Nippon Budokan. They will release their Best Album on December 9 , 09

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Another Drama for Shida Mirai

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The next starring role for young actress Mirai Shida (16) will be in a drama series on TBS this fall. The drama is titled “Princess Sara” (alternatively, “A Little Princess”) and is based on a famous children’s story that was turned into an anime in Japan.

“A Little Princess” was originally written in the UK during the late 1800s by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The story became famous worldwide and was adapted as a successful Broadway play, as well as multiple musicals, films, and television works. In 1985, the story was animated in Japan by Nippon Animation as part of the “World Masterpiece Theater” series, under the title “Princess Sara.”

The TBS drama has Shida playing the part of Sara, a high school student whose father is extremely wealthy. After her father dies and his business collapses, leaving her penniless, the school’s director and Sara’s previously jealous classmates take the opportunity to make her life miserable. But despite their bullying, Sara endures it with a positive attitude. Kanako Higuchi (50) plays the school director, while Kento Hayashi (18) plays Sara’s love interest Kaito.

Filming will start on September 1 in India, since Sara lived there until entering high school. TBS has scheduled the drama in its Saturday 8:00pm time slot, starting this October.


Gokusen-tie in for Aqua Timez

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Aqua Timez will sing the movie’s theme song, titled “Plumeria ~Hanauta~.” It will be released as a CD single on July 29, with chaku-uta distribution starting on July 1.

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Coming Century Mini LP Release 2009.07.29

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Hello-Goodbye [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Jacket A] YesAsiaCD Japan
・Hello Goodbye (composed by Spontania)
・Untitled ※First ever Kamisen song all in English
・Te no hira no UNIVERSE
・Untitled 2 (Composed by Jazztronik)
・Omoi no kakera
・Precious song

・Hello Goodbye music video

Hello-Goodbye [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Edition / Jacket A] YesAsiaCD Japan
Disc 1:same as Limited Edition A
Disc 2:Special CD
・Morita Go solo
・Miyake Ken solo
・Okada Junichi solo

Hello-Goodbye [Regular Edition / Jacket C] YesAsiaCD Japan
Same songs asLimited Editions, comes with set of 3 pin badges
・Fight  (tentative title) – Bonus Track

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